16th WorldMediaFestival 2015 Screenings and Awards May 6
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Festival networking really works -
some examples:

The value of the awards is ever clearer, as directly after the awards ceremony a large international film production signed a contract with us. The criterion for the selection was the repeated winning of WorldMediaFestival awards. So once again, for this reason as well, my personal thanks.
Norbert Vander

As always it was a great pleasure to be in Hamburg and to see all the interesting films during the festival. We are now preparing a major event for our mother company Novo Nordisk, which will take place in Barcelona in January. I remember one of the films from this year's festival which might be very appropriate to show to people during this coming event. For that reason I would like to get in touch with the people who produced the film to talk about possibilities. Thank you very much - and I hope to see you again next year!

Wonderful how the festival can initiate such a collaboration!

Cora, Thank you for the Festival and all that goes with it :-). Last year we met the guys from Acolori there, and this year we were able to put together a good win-win with Ben. You can see the result here - you made that possible!
Dirk Reimers, fat IT solutions

At the 2011 WorldMediaFestival, two Danish producers were present to collect their respective awards. Although both are based in the Copenhagen area, they had not met before, and so made contact during the Awards evening. One producer talked about a new drama-documentary project he had planned, for which he needed a writer. The other producer had worked many times with the British writer Grant Eustace, who was also at the Festival, and recommended him.
Result: Grant scripted the hour-long drama-documentary, the script was accepted at first draft, and the programme will be completed in January 2012.

Emiko Okumura of Creative House Okumura in Japan and Maija and Kalevi Lehtonen of Suomen Visiotalo Oy in Finland first met at the WorldMediaFestival some years ago. Their friendship resulted in organizing exhibitions on Japanese and Finnish culture in their respective countries and also in this joint business venture: Together they produced the documentary FAMILIAR LANDSCAPES TAKENO-HAUHO - a project which would not have come alive had they not met at the WorldMediaFestival.

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