16th WorldMediaFestival 2015 Screenings and Awards May 6
Festival for
Corporate Film, TV, Web,
Web TV and Print

is an initiative by
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Wherever you are, with intermedia-web.tv it is simple to connect to your audiences. Just send your DVDs by mail or upload your content to our server. With the flat rate you avoid unpleasant financial surprises. And for WorldMediaFestival entries there are special conditions. Your benefits include:

a web portal ready to use
controlled, professional environment
quality instead of quantity, so your programmes do not get lost
no financial surprises
no amateur videos next to your professional ones
no restrictions on running time
no public evaluation of your content
no up-front investment
no limit on language versions

Also publish your online Video Business Card. Promote yourself, your company, your services. Your online Video Business Card is the way to offer an authentic and emotional insight into your company.

EU countries except Germany: By providing your VAT Identification Number VAT does not apply and will not be charged. All other countries outside the EU: VAT does not apply and will not be charged.

Boost your business. Ask for the flat rate.

Film works. Co-operation starts with a first contact.

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