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Festival for Tourism Film,
Television, Web, Web TV and
Print productions. Worldwide
entries are invited.

WorldMediaFestival | TOURISM
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Film. Television. Print. Online. Corporate media. Information. Education. Entertainment.
"Tack så mycket! at the WorldMediaFestival" | Video courtesy of Vingaland.


Attention on target groups. The WorldMediaFestival is different to most others. Work is judged not just on its creative and technical excellence, but also - and especially - on how well it speaks to its target audience.

Experienced professionals from around the world knowledgeable in the fields of communications, film production, as well as other subject matter experts, serve in a volunteer capacity as judges and judge all entries prior to the festival event.

Entries are not judged on budget. Entries from large or small organisations have an equal chance of winning. The criteria they use include among others for example:

Artistic creativity, technical quality, picture and sound design, clarity, believability, overall impact

Content, information, navigation, functionality, design, creativity, believability, overall impact

Content, information, design, creativity, believability, overall impact

The top award in a category is not necessarily an intermedia-globe Gold but may be a Silver award or - it might also occur that awards will not be presented in a category at all. All recommendations by the jury groups are reviewed by an executive committee.