6th WorldMediaFestival | Tourism 2018_Screenings and Awards May 16

Festival for Tourism Film,
Television, Web, Web TV and
Print productions. Worldwide
entries are invited.

WorldMediaFestival | TOURISM
is an initiative by
Logo intermedia

Film. Television. Print. Online. Corporate media. Information. Education. Entertainment.
"Tack så mycket! at the WorldMediaFestival" | Video courtesy of Vingaland.

Hall of Fame 2018 | Photo Gallery 2018

Dates, categories and formats

November 15, 2017
is the closing date for these festival entries.
Worldwide entries are invited.

First half of March 2018
Award winners will be notified by eMail. Please register your delegates and book your hotel rooms.

May 16, 2018
Awards ceremony in Hamburg, Germany

Please take a look at the full list of categories and enter your work online today. Please make sure to send seperate media for each category entered. The formats accepted are as follows:

-USB stick for PC / alternatively a data disc with a .mov wrapper
-One (1) separate medium for each of the categories entered
-One (1) language version
-Unprotected against copying + without Loop

Resolution:Full HD (1920x1080 px), 16:9
Frame rate:25 fps
Video Codec:   H.264
Audio Codec:AAC

Not acceptable are:
Loops | Additional inserts at beginning/end (i.e. name of entering company, logos, category etc) | Time code or watermarks

Web & Web TV
Valid URL. All submitted URLs must be active from the time you submit your entry through May 2018.
If submitting a web video please send an additional USB stick / alternatively a data disc, see format specifications above.

Three (3) print copies

All festival entries must be clearly marked as described under 2. LABELS.

Please make sure to send separate media for each of the categories entered. Please also send together with the medium - when possible - significant stills / images / logos from your entries to be used by the Festival for promotional purposes.

Please send your entries to:
WorldMediaFestival c/o intermedia
Ottensener Str. 124
D-22525 Hamburg / Germany