Awards & Judging

Attention on target groups. The WorldMediaFestivals are different to most other competitions. Work is judged not just on its creative and technical excellence, but also – and especially – on how well the defined target group is addressed. Entries are not judged on budget. Entries from large or small organisations have an equal chance of winning. Award winners are among the leaders in their profession.

The WorldMediaFestivals grant intermedia-globes together with a certificate.

Your entries are not judged by any competitors. Judges are not voting on projects where they may have a conflict of interest.

intermedia-globes-Gold and Silver may be awarded in each of the sub-categories As a winner of an intermedia-globe Gold, your entry automatically becomes a nominee for an intermedia-globe Grand Award, best in each of the main festival categories. The Jury for Excellence then may select from those the winner of the intermedia-globe Grand Prix, the best of all festival entries.

The intermedia Special Awards

Magic Wavesfor best original music
Magic Eyefor best camerawork

Global Awareness
for an entry revealing abuse of our small planet and its creatures through damage to the environment or through actions that impact in a negative way on the social, political or economic health of society.

Hand in Hand
for an entry highlighting actions by a state, government, corporation, organisation or individual resulting in improvements in the lives of individuals or in society as a whole.

Experienced professionals from around the world knowledgeable in the fields of communications, media production, as well as other subject matter experts, serve in a volunteer capacity as judges.

The judging criteria used for example are

Content | Artistic creativity | Originality | Picture and sound design | Clarity | Believability | Immersion (VR categories) | Overall impact

Content | Information | Navigation and structure | Functionality | Interactivity | Visual design | Creativity | Originality | Believability | Overall impact

Content | Information | Design | Creativity | Originality | Typography | Haptics | Believability | Overall impact

Judges score each entry and scores are then converted to a ranking system. The top award in a category is not necessarily an intermedia-globe Gold award. It may be a Silver or it might also be that awards will not be presented in a category at all. All recommendations by the jury groups are reviewed by an Executive Committee.

Due to the numerous entries we receive, it is not possible not provide individual feedback.