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Gold für die Stiftung Elternsein

Posted on 8. Juli 2022 by

Die Crossmedia-Strategie «Elternbildung für alle» ist ausserdem mit einem Grand Award ausgezeichnet worden.

Die politisch und konfessionell unabhängige Stiftung Elternsein, 2001 von Ellen Ringier gegründet, wurde an den WorldMediaFestivals mit doppelt ausgezeichnet. (Bild: zVg)

Die Crossmedia-Strategie «Elternbildung für alle» der Stiftung Elternsein wird am WorldMediaFestival – den Television & Corporate Media Awards, die jährlich in Hamburg verliehen werden – mit Gold in der Kategorie «Cross-Media / Brand Awareness» ausgezeichnet. Damit wird laut einer Mitteilung «die umfangreiche Arbeit der Stiftung für Eltern und ihre täglichen Herausforderungen gewürdigt».

Das crossmediale Konzept «Elternbildung für alle» hole Eltern bei ihrer täglichen Mediennutzungsroutine ab und werde entsprechend in unterschiedlichen Kanälen, Formaten und Beiträgen ausgespielt. Damit gelinge es der Stiftung Elternsein, den Eltern nicht als Ratgeber, sondern auf Augenhöhe entgegenzutreten. Die Kampagne umfasst laut Mitteilung diverse Onlinefilme, Blogbeiträge, Out-of-Home-Sujets, Unterrichtsmaterialien, Veranstaltungen und Beiträge im «Schweizer ElternMagazin Fritz+Fränzi» der Stiftung Elternsein.

Diese Arbeit wurde am WorldMediaFestival nebst Gold zusätzlich in der Gesamtkategorie «Cross Media» mit dem Grand Award ausgezeichnet. «Dass unsere Arbeit aus Sicht einer internationalen Jury ausgezeichnet wurde, ist ein Vertrauensbeweis dafür, dass unsere Konzepte eine ausserordentliche Innovation und Qualität aufweisen, und dass wir unsere Mittel intelligent und gezielt einsetzen. Es freut uns ausserordentlich, dass das gesellschaftlich so relevante Projekt ‹Elternbildung für alle› damit gewürdigt wird», wird Thomas Schlickenrieder, Geschäftsführer der Stiftung Elternsein, zitiert.

Diverse weitere Schweizer Gewinner

Am WorldMediaFestival wurden noch weitere Schweizer Arbeiten ausgezeichnet.

So gewann Avista Films Gold in der Kategorie «Public Relations: Health and Medicine» für «The Cube Films». Beck & Friends holt emit «Peace of Mind» den Grand Award in der Kategorie «Marketing and Promotions» sowie Gold in der Kategorie «Marketing and Promotions: Customer Services». Gold gab es für Beck & Friends auch in der Kategorie «Corporate Communications: Visitor’s Information» für den Film «Justwelt». Seed Audio-Visual Communication sicherte sich einen Grand Award in der Kategorie «Education» für «Wo Zukunft entsteht». Dafür gab es auch Gold in der Kategorie «Education: Identity and Image Educational Institutions». Gold für Seed gab es ausserdem in der Kategorie «Marketing and Promotions: Events and Exhibitions» für «Rely on us. And Relax». Zudem gab es noch zweimal Silber, einmal für «Taxi» in der Kategorie «Internal Communications: Employee Orientated» und einmal für «Keramik» in der Kategorie «Marketing and Promotions: Products»

Das WorldMediaFestival ehrt herausragende Lösungen aus TV und Corporate Media auf internationaler Ebene. Ausgezeichnet werden audiovisuelle, gedruckte und Online-Produktionen aus den Bereichen Information, Bildung und Unterhaltung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Effektivität der Zielgruppenansprache. In diesem Jahr wurden Beiträge aus 40 Ländern eingereicht. (pd/cbe)

This Malaysian tourism video won best camerawork at the 21st World Media Festival in Hamburg

Posted on July 5, 2021 by Vasuki Rao is Malaysia’s leading marketing communications industry portal.

A two-and-a-half minute film produced by Tourism Malaysia, SHARP and Chilli Pepper Films won the Special Award for Best Camerawork at the 21st WorldMediaFestivals, under the Tourism & Travel Media Awards category. The WorldMediaFestivals is based in Hamburg, Germany and has been honouring creativity in media worldwide for the past 21 years, including audiovisual, print and online production.

The 2021 Hall of Fame is divided into two main categories: the Television & Corporate Media Awards and the Tourism & Travel Media Awards. Due to restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, winners were announced virtually via WorldMediaFestivals’ official website.

The Malaysian tourism film titled, ‘AMAZING’, won the Special Award “MAGIC EYE” for Best Camerawork thanks to the direction of the globally-acclaimed commercial and film director, Mark Toia, and the production of Chilli Pepper Films. ‘AMAZING’ captures the true essence of the multi-colour, multi-cultural, and multi-racial Malaysia, alongside the many attractions across the country.

“This recognition would not be possible without the effort and assistance of everyone involved,” said Director General of Tourism Malaysia, Zulkifly Md Said. “To the production team, congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.”

According to a statement released by Tourism Malaysia, the initial production was a creative collaboration between Tourism Malaysia and SHARP called, ‘Truly Aquos 8K, Truly Asia Malaysia’, where the production team was the first to shoot an 8K video in Malaysia.

“We look forward to having further collaborations with SHARP, hopefully in the nearest future. There are still so many attractions in Malaysia to be highlighted through the lens of SHARP, especially our off-the-beaten-track destinations, our rich flora and fauna, and our blessed natural resources,” Zulkifly added.

The creative production also secured a place among four other winners under the Advertising category for the 2021 Tourism & Travel Media intermedia-globe Gold Award. ‘AMAZING’ shares the recognition with four other themed videos from Thailand, Japan, and Austria. For the full list of winners, visit WorldMediaFestivals’ 2021 Hall of Fame.

In 2020, the same video won under the Tourism Board category at the Asia Destination Film Awards 2020 in Bangkok.

Production Company: Cili Pepper( PJ)
Director : Mark Toia (Brisbane)
Research / Concept : Nan Salleh/Cili Pepper (PJ)
Editor : Mark Toia (Brisbane)
Sound Designer : Budi (Jakarta)

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TVN Grupa Discovery – awards at the World Media Festival in Hamburg. Laureates’ comments

By polishnews
May 7, 2021

Each of our award-winning themes is universal. It is legible, recognizable and understandable in every latitude – said Jarosław Jabrzyk, co-author of one of the awarded materials, commenting on the nine awards granted to the TVN Discovery group during this year’s World Media Festival in Hamburg. – We fulfill an important mission, for our viewers we are senses: eyes and ears. And sometimes we discover things that someone wants to hide at all costs – added journalist Wojciech Bojanowski, author of the report “Let them drown”. – I smiled at this news and went back to work – said Marcin Gutowski, author of the awarded “Don Stanislao. The other face of Cardinal Dziwisz”.

World Media Festival is one of the most important festivals in the media industry, focusing on global media. The idea of ​​the festival is to exchange experiences and present the best solutions, incl. in the field of advertising, animation, documentary, education, entertainment, corporate communication and public relations. As the organizers write, the event was also created to be inspired by new creative multimedia solutions. The winners are selected by an independent jury composed of industry representatives from around the world.

This year, the festival received 811 entries from 41 countries. TVN Discovery Group received a total of as many as nine prizes – six gold and three silver.


“Absolute happiness and a dream come true”

The intermedia-globe GRAND AWARD, i.e. the main award in the News category, at the World Media Festival in Hamburg, TVN, was awarded to the Discovery Group for the second time in a row. This year it was awarded for Katarzyna Górniak’s material “Tigers on the border” made for the program “Black on the White”. The report also received the first prize in the category of News: Investigative Report.


– This is one of the three most important world TV festivals, so to get not one award, but two, it is absolute happiness and a dream come true – said Katarzyna Górniak in an interview with TVN24. The journalist also told about the heroes of her material. – These were animals that suffer from man, his greed and heartlessness. This was the purpose of this report to show that there are limits to earning money on animals – she said.

As she said, the fate of the tigers on the border, which the authors of the report followed “a good few weeks” in many European countries, as well as in Russia, ended in sunny Spain. Some of these tigers went on such a lifetime all-inclusive holiday to Spain to reward them for what they suffered. These are the conditions, similar to those under which they would live in freedom – Górniak explained.

As she added, “many good people who work for animals” worked for the success of the reportage.

Katarzyna Górniak: the protagonists of the report were animals suffering from humans and their greedTVN24

“We are fulfilling an important mission, for our viewers we are our senses: eyes and ears”

Two awards were also given to materials of the “Superwizjer” program. The prize in the Documentaries: Human Rights category was won by Wojciech Bojanowski’s report “Niech tona”.


On Friday, on TVN24, Bojanowski mentioned that even many months after the production of the documentary, he is living the topic of refugees who are trying to get to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. – If you asked anyone who has worked on such material for so long, this is a matter that is alive and recreated. All the time I have contact with people who managed to catch it and all the time I have a thought in my head that if this ship had not been there then these 32 people would not have been there – he confessed.

Bojanowski emphasized that he was constantly following reports from the Mediterranean Sea. – Sea Watch 4 saved 450 more people. Two weeks ago, there were reports of more bodies, 130 people, that were found in the Mediterranean Sea. These are the pictures that stay and hurt – he said.

He emphasized that receiving the award at the World Media Festival in Hamburg is a “special day” when TVN24 journalists, who have been trying to report the reality for over 20 years, can be proud of the fact that they are doing it on a global level. – We fulfill an important mission, for our viewers we are senses: eyes and ears. And sometimes we discover things that someone wants to hide at all costs – he added.

Wojciech Bojanowski on the awards for TVN Grupa Discovery at the World Media Festival in HamburgTVN24

“I smiled at the news and went back to work”

The “Black on White” program was also appreciated in Hamburg for the material “Don Stanislao. The other face of Cardinal Dziwisz” by Marcin Gutowski. The reportage received a silver award in the News: Documentary category.


– The joy was not very loud, because I smiled at the news and returned to work – Gutowski confessed on TVN24. He pointed out that just six months have passed since the broadcast of “Don Stanislao”. – This distinction is a nice turning point – he noted.

As he said, after the premiere of the material, he decided to disappear for a few months and go out into the world “in search of answers to questions about the responsibility of John Paul II’s immediate circle and himself for sexual abuse in the Church and for hiding them”.

– I am just finishing another report after six months of searching. It will be a starter before the main course, which can be expected in the fall, a large, complete series of reports from around the world addressing this difficult topic – the journalist announced. As he added, it could be a “shocking complement” to the “Don Stanislao” reportage.

Marcin Gutowski about the awards for TVN Grupa Discovery at the World Media Festival in HamburgTVN24

“I just registered the reality”

The first prize in the News: Special category was won by Grzegorz Głuszak’s report “The story of the man who freed Tomasz Komenda”.

– This is not a distinction only for me, but above all for the policeman with whom we made this material, i.e. for Remigiusz Korejwo. I just recorded the reality in which he participated – said Głuszak in an interview with TVN24.


“The story of the man who freed the Commandtvn24

“The TV world is coming to Hamburg. These awards are really special.”

Awards were also won by three TVN Discovery Polska documentaries. The first prize in the Documentaries: COVID-19 Topics category was won by the film “COVID-19: The World in Danger” by Jarosław Jabrzyk and Łukasz Ruciński.


– We made a film that in a very unique way culminated in the first wave of the pandemic and made a really big international career – said Jabrzyk, who was a guest of TVN24 on Friday. He pointed out that it was displayed in over 100 countries around the world.

– This is a great event and the word “world” in the name of the festival is absolutely adequate. The entire television world is coming to Hamburg. These awards are really unique – he argued. As he said, it is a festival that “appreciates good television work”. – We live in a time when everyone basically has a camera and everyone can record something with their phone. At this festival, not only headlines, promos and minute shortcuts of television productions are appreciated, but something that is really the root of television work. This is a festival that really appreciates premium content, in terms of the quality of journalism, as well as in the field of television work – emphasized the journalist.

As he said, “each of our award-winning topics is universal.” – It is legible, recognizable and understandable at every latitude – he said.

From today on TVN24 GO the report “COVID-19: The world in danger””Supervisor” of TVN

Other awards for TVN Grupa Discovery

Silver in the Documentaries: Current Affairs category was awarded to Małgorzata Łupina’s film “In the Shadow of the Light Trail”, and in the Documentaries: Medicine category, the film “Neurosurgery” by Magdalena Zagała.


An award at the festival was also given to the series Player Original “Szadź”. He was awarded the first prize in the Entertainment category: Continuing Series & Serial Programs.

Dziewięć nagród dla TVN Grupa Discovery w Hamburgu. Pierwsze miejsca dla dokumentów
TVN24 | Kultura i styl, May 7, 2021

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